Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Miscellaneous ranting...


I ordered my Deborah Lippmann polish after all, it arrived, it is beautiful. Worth all the pennies I spent on it and more. I ordered some nail polish from feelunique.com to go under it so I could use it as a topcoat, seen as the other half of my collection is at home. After an entire weekend wondering where it was, my mum sent me a text to say it's back at home. I have changed my postage address on there so many bloody times, and they still can't get it right!

Also, I've been using OPI Nail Envy Matte for a week now and my nails are even worse than when I started. I wanted to try it out because my thumb nails keep breaking, but now I have nails that are breaking and peeling to boot, but I'll go into more detail with photos another day. To say it cost £18.99 I'm pretty appauled with it. I think I'm going to start doing proper reviews too, just for fun. I've had so many nail varnish failures recently it's not funny.

In other news, I really really really want to try out some Zoya polishes. I have none, I'm sorely tempted to get some posted over from an American website, they're only $6 but they're £9 a bottle here. Insane!

Well, er... That's all for now. The new series of the Apprentice is calling! Goodnight,

Amy x

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  1. I've recently bought the Nails Inc matte effect topcoat, haven't tried it out yet though!
    Elspeth xxx