Thursday, 30 June 2011


But I am also the best sister ever.

My brother (who is 18) came home this afternoon is a major rage, saying that he'd been paying for something in the corner shop and handed over two £20 notes folded up by accident. He didn't notice until he'd gone out of the shop and when he went back to tell the cashier about it, they guy told him that he hadn't only given him one and to ''just do one.'' My brother goes in there all the time and he's really not the type to lie about things like that.

So, I went over to the shop to sort it out, asked the guy what had happened who was adamant that he'd only been given £20. Anyway, long story short, I said that I wanted to see the boss and that I wanted them to let me know what they'd cashed up for the evening so I could go back and talk to them again. I went back, the owner (the cashier's dad) said they were out by £20, so my brother was right all along. That or it was a freaky coincidence.

I'm so pleased that I got the money back for my brother, and that at least one person at the shop was honest, but I'm fucking fuming that the guy on the till lied to my face about making sure there was only one note there and making a massive point about saying that he unfolds and smooths out every note every time to make sure he's been given the right amount.

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