Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pretty, Pretty Purple!

Hello! Sorry for the massive silence over the last week or so. It was mainly due to the fact I lost my camera charger, mainly due to the fact one of my pens exploded and stained my entire left hand black, and mainly because I'm bored of the nail polishes I have and haven't really been wanting to wear any.

I found my camera, so I decided to break out another holo, this time China Glaze Octagon Wild.

Who'd have thought you could get sick of holos, ey?

In natural light:
In artificial light:

Looks pretty, right? This polish is a pain in the arse to apply, and it's starting to peel of my index finger already! However, even my dad said how much he liked this colour, and trust me, he's not the type to comment on nail varnish! So I guess it's worth it. It also reminds me a lot of DS Original, but with more chunky particles.

Thanks for reading!


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